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What's the Diff between Fiverr Revenue card and Payoneer Revenue card


I have a Fiverr Revenue card but never activated it because I wanted to find out more about the cost to maintain the card. Then I heard some horror stories about people being overcharged and losing money from the card and someone suggested getting the Payoneer card instead. could someone tell me what is the difference between these two cards?

How much to load my earnings onto either card?

How much to withdraw money? ( I live in the Caribbean)

Can I apply for a payoneer card if I already have a Fiverr card (though not activated)?

How do I activate?


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I can not find anywhere to order a Fiverr Revenue card. Can you help me plz

If you are a seller then click on earning button then click on fiverr revenue card then you will get an email to your mail account .

Then you will get the whole process for ordering Payoneer Mastercard referenced by Fiverr . (Fiverr revenue card)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I want to be a seller, but I do not have a gig yet, because I thought I had to set up a card, but I can not find where to set it.

You have to be a seller first to order a payoneer master card through fiverr .

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Check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

Thanks a lot for info. So I have to make a gig first.

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Click the link. Everything is explained in detail there.

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