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What's the difference 5$ or 10$ what should you buy

If you want to really check your SEO status you have to think of the report you’re gonna get: Is it a free report or Is it a paid report … as for me I pay for my reports that’s why my price is a notch more… … but still the time of delivery is much faster than others as well … enjoy browsing and don’t forget to see my Gig for your SEO White Hat report

Your thread is a better fit for “My Fiverr Gigs” and was moved.

Thanks … I’ve checked your profile and you must have incredible voice … everybody likes your recordings

Please don’t ask people to like your gigs on the forum. If they want to, they will. What you do need to do is to advertise your gigs slowly in My Fiverr Gigs only. Frequent posts causes other people’s ads to get pushed down and isn’t a friendly way to advertise.

Posting in incorrect categories is spam. The Improve my Gig category is a place for people to ask for help. It isn’t for advertising. Please check out the forum rules. Thanks.

Can’t argue with that. …

But most like to start with a fivebucks thing … just like my name

Sometimes price really matters

I think if you start with 5$ and when ppl go in your gig they would buy some extra service … so if you put the extra value for your gig … that would be more attractive for others … i boght your blog service buy the way … thak you

will do that for sure … sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you very much … and wish you a happy Fiverring

Your name is great … how did you get it… it really describe what is Fiver is all about … Enjoy your Fiverring, FiveBucksGuy

Yup… it does

Your are right about that … Thank you very much for your purchase …Enjoy your Fiverring