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What's the difference between impr., clicks, and views on your gig summary?

Hi guys,

What’s the difference between impr., clicks, and views on your gig summary?

I see my gigs have all kinds of numbers but what do they truly mean/refer to?





Impressions: The amount of time your gig has been show on fiverr in search results, categories etc!

Clicks: The amount of people who have actually clicked you gig link on fiverr in search results, categories etc!

Views: Total amount of visitors to your actual gig page, this includes visitors from fiverr + visitors from outside of fiverr such as visitors from google searches, your own gig ads outside of fiverr etc.

Clicks will be the one you should pay attention on.

Reply to @mgjohn78: that’s awesome!! Thanks so much for the great explanation.

Yes, thanks to a prior explanation I know the difference now. There I thought I was getting a lot of vies (# of impressions) but truly my click numbers are really low. All 7 of my gigs all have under 20 clicks, yet the impressions are at thousands. I guess I need to change my titles, not sure. But I have had 5 orders since I opened a Fiverr account in December so I guess once they click they like and order. Maybe it’s just my titles need to be revised. Not sure, but thank you

Titles and gig images are the main factors in getting clicks! Make sure the first gig image looks appealing enough to click on when its in thumbnail size as thats how its shown to buyers in categories and search results!

Reply to @mgjohn78: I guess that’s what it is, I just don’t have good eye catching pictures or good titles/gig descriptions. Maybe I outta pay someone to do that hehe

Thanks for the input, I’ll see what I can do to promote my gigs.

Reply to @labels4you: In that case just read up on color psychology a bit!

A small example, if the page in search results where your gig shows up has allot of light whitish gig thumbnails, all you would need to do is use a strong yellow base and your gig would stand out. Its all relative to the other images shown around your gig!

For those of us who compete in art and illustration its even more difficult to stand out as everyone who studied art has also studied color psychology!

Reply to @mgjohn78: I will definitely take a look into that. Maybe all I need are gig pictures that catch your attention. Thanks

This helped clarify for me! Thanks!