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What's the difference between views and clicks?

Can someone tell me the difference between views and clicks?

I’m not sure there is an answer to that. It seems that you can’t have a view without someone clicking on your gig so they should be equal. Apparently you can have a view without a click or an impression but I am not sure how. How can someone view your gig
without clicking on a link to it, whether it’s a thumbnail on fiverr, or a link on a website?

An impression is when your gig is displayed on a page on fiverr with other gigs, but there is the question of this; is it in front of the viewer, or does it require him to scroll down the page to see it, or to click the link that says MORE on the bottom of the page, to see it? Or does it count as an impression if it is there anywhere regardless of if he scrolls down the page or not, or clicks the MORE link on the bottom of the page?

Maybe the impression is if your gig is anywhere that can be scrolled down to on the page of thumbnails, and a view is if it is actually in front of the viewer without having to scroll down to it, or if he does scroll down to it. So we actually can ignore impressions completely, as they don’t tell us anything, and instead look at views to see if our gig was actually in front of a potential buyer as a thumbnail, and clicks are if he clicks on it to take a better look.

I wondered this myself. I recently read that impressions are when your gig is present on a page that is opened. That’s it. They may not even see your gig profile. But the view and click question is exactly what I wondered when I looked at my reference page. I hope we are given some clarity.

I say ignore impressions completely as that is meaningless to get any idea of how your gig is doing. It may mean your gig thumbnail wasn’t even seen or in front of anyone, but was there if they scrolled way down the page which actually didn’t happen.

A view is when your gig thumbnail is on the page in front of a potential buyer along with the other thumbnails of gigs. A click is if they click on your gig to look at it.

You want to try to get those clicks as high as possible by making your gig look appealing.

If you are correct then views should be more than impressions usually since views would include impressions, plus other ways of getting to your gig, but this is not the case. Views are less than impressions in my stats.