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What's the funniest experience you had on fiverr?


Hi, I’m a new seller here! I’m wondering: what’s the funniest experience you had here on Fiverr?
Entertain us all!:laughing:


Her name was Emma. …You would have had to have been here.


I’ve had buyers ask for free work instead of purchasing one of my gig packages. I thought those were funny experiences each and every time. I always laugh (to myself). And roll my eyes. :wink:


One buyer asked me to make a video for the following: " a video about camels, health, long life, shiny fur, beauty, healthy bones, strong heart. We have a special product for camels."

Thought this was quite funny, lol!


Ah, don’t you know, products for camels have a huge global market! HUUUUUGE. Camels are more popular then iPhones. Besides, everyone has a camel for a pet… don’t you? :wink:


Yoni steaming logo and imagining text inside a tattoo that already existed


Just happened the same with me ~ 10 minutes ago. He was not that direct though. He implied that as a “Demo work” before placing the order but fortunately it’s a story with happy ending.


This is funny Thats a difficult job to do


That makes me laugh, too. I also laugh knowing their business is going to fail and is probably already failing. They made their own bed, yet will probably blame others for their failure.

That being said, loads of successful people are cheapskates, too.


My funniest experience just happened actually. Back in November i had a potential client reach out to me and ask if i could help rewrite and format some lyrics they wrote. I helped them out without charging them since it wasn’t anything major and only took like 20 mins. What got under my skin was after i helped them they flat out ghosted me without even saying thanks. Fast forward to February, i get a message from a different potential client asking me if i could help them rewrite some lyrics they wrote. To my surprise they were the same lyrics i was asked to rewrite before.


Indeed. There are, alas, many people who choose not to take responsibility for their their failures and/or their successes. It is the sellers who are willing to take responsibility for both – and learn from them, if needed – who are usually the ones to succeed long-term.