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What's the future of the Fiverr?


I like to know anybody opinion what will be the future of the fiverr, like will it grow or spam seller free or any good change for seller. In sort for how many year my work is secure with fiverr.


Fiverr has its problems, but it is the best platform for freelancers by far.


what type of problems are you talking about?


Read the forum topics.


Of course it will continue to grow.

You can work on it forever as long as you follow the terms of service.


What’s the future of the Fiverr?

@discobot fortune, please.


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


I need precise answers… :smile:

Let’s try this again, shall we?

What’s the future of the Fiverr?

Good or Bad?


@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


Instead of thinking about future of fiverr…let’s think about our future…Fiverr is doing well now and i am sure in future it will grow more.


Everything change day by day… So Fiverr also will change according to world movement… we can’t guarantee future of any of this world. Work hard today as you can… Your future will secure…


Yeah, I worked at companies like IBM, I never found anyone worrying about the future of IBM although at that time thousands were getting laid off. Fiverr will do fine, people should worry about themselves. Even if Fiverr goes down, there are other platforms. Develop your skills so that you can work anywhere.


The future of Fiverr isn’t what the owners want it to be. It is where the users (mainly the buyers) want to take it. If buyers don’t follow the Fiverr Pro movement, then Fiverr will have to look at getting their income from as many buyers as possible. Small orders and a small profit from each.


I disagree. No one controls the future of fiverr but the owners. I’ve seen huge profitable sites close up without notice due to the owners simply deciding to stop.
They didn’t even bother to sell the sites.

I don’t think they will do this with fiverr due to the incredible amount of investment money, but they could if they chose to or they could sell it.