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What's the largest order you've got in terms of dollars?


Comment below with the largest orders you’ve got, maybe other sellers can be inspired to make it big one day too! :slight_smile:


Hope you’re looking forward to lots of MS Paint efforts! :slightly_smiling_face:

Few people are going to tell you the truth, and indeed why should they? It’s a very personal question.


If other sellers want to make it big one day, too, all they have to do is Want and Act - there’s no need for showing numbers whatsoever in order to get inspired. And if you’d really want to see numbers, you can just make up some numbers of your own, or study the market analyses / researches from the Internet.

Either way, like @offlinehelpers said, expect to see Fake numbers from people who want to showcase their MS Paint efforts, or their Website Mangling skills.

So ultimately you won’t really find inspiration here - you’ll either see people with low numbers, or people with big fake numbers. Anyone in between will refrain from making such sensitive (and private) information public.


5$ :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I agree,maybe I should flag the post.


I didn’t think it would be personal but then realised it maybe is,my bad! :frowning:


My current largest is $400! :slight_smile: Absolutely thrilled!


My biggest order - it is real cos I did screenshot.


Literally 5 minutes after posting the image above, I got this message:



Told you the Paint experts would be out in force! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


How dare you call me an expert…


Better an expert than an expart! :wink::rofl:


Excel-ent joke! :stuck_out_tongue:


Darn! $100,000 for an order. That’s a thousand dollars for every percentage of satisfaction you guarantee.