What's the most weird/strange/funny buyer request you've ever seen?


I’ve seen many strange buyer requests since I joined fiverr, so, let’s all make a list with the requests that made us… um, smile. ;))


No weird requests thus far… my buyers are so business-like :slight_smile:


Pretty straight forward on my end thus far. I have questions judgement on photos and wording occasionally.


To work with or Promote Adult websites. Rejected them all :-q :-q


The oddest request was a buyer who suggested I would need to consume their product in order to judge their copy. And the product was designed for women.


Oh my… OBG does Thriller video!! :-)) =)) :-))


I havent had any super weird ones, but the only one i had to turn down so far, was someone wanted me to make 300 100% accurate vectors of cell phones in order to make skins for them.

I’m not into the super accurate stuff, because I’m ocd, and i’d spend 99 years on just 1 much less 300 :confused:


I wrote about makeup and fashion tips for my debut keyword article! I didn’t expect to learn so much about the smokey eye look.


A guy once said he would order anyone of my gigs, if I took a FREEZING bath in clothes yelling there message. I wished him good luck…


Mostly me doing things involving my feet.

Also. “How much is 5 minutes of video?” “It’s $5 per 30 seconds.” "I’ll give you $5 for 5 minutes"

They also wanted it in one take. What?


Some guys want $5 to set up a completed ecommerce store! Although, I do set up a wp store for clients, some of them want all designs work for one gig! No words for this:((


I had to draw a mustache on, write something on the palms of my hands and dance (only waist up). I had fun doing that. I love funny video requests. :))


Reply to @hushed:

=)) hahahha I would actually do that, it’s cold in Scotland anyway, send him my way!


sum1 just asked me to masturbate on came and moan his name ‘kevin’ or 5 bucks i said i was married and then he asked if i could do a couples thing…eww