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What's the most you've made in a month?


I’m very proud to say that I’ve made a little over $80 this month and I actually just closed two more orders. How are you guys doing this month and what has been your best month so far?


its my best month now :wink:

made over 160$… really nice!


This month is actually proving to be my best month. I reworked some of my gigs and it is paying off. I hope next month will be even better.


My best month was last month, but I got only $100 though. Let’s see how this month is going to be.


First 28 days, 152 $ :smiley: i hope that all months will be rich like this!


Been here 10 days, have 28 bucks pending.


Keep rocking ladies and gents and you will succeed. So far the best month was about $260 and then you feel supernice about Fiverr income. And I am sure it can be much better! Do not fall asleep and work smart to increase your sales, boost your pre-sales on social media and your own websites and you will achieve success soon or later.


Reply to @giovannitamponi: Congratulations on your Fiverr ride!


Reply to @giovannitamponi: Keep your gigs quality products and respect all buyers and it will rise and rise to thousands per month!


I’m happy to say that i make an average of $200 a month, i am aiming for nothing less than $500 next month as i am currently working on a $450 order from a single buyer! ;).


My fiverr gig (writing) suddenly took off about two weeks ago, and I’ve already made about $420 since then. It’s been kind of crazy! It’s taking some adjustment to get used to staying on top of the work load and has required roughly a full-time work commitment, but it’s been really fun making significant money doing something I love!


That’s awesome, this has been my first week, and I am at $60. I am having so much fun!


My best month was $902 in orders and $707 withdraw ( July ). This month, a little slower but I’m definitely OK with that.


Reply to @accessgirl: Wow! I didn’t know someone can make up to $902 on Fiverr! Congrats!


This month I got $105, a little bit better than last month :slight_smile:


Reply to @titinochka: Thank you. I don’t actually get a lot of sales, just big sales. I also do this part-full time depending on the project requested and time frame. So yea, definitely possible if you have enough time to devote to orders. :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure there’s other sellers making wayyy more.