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What's the Mount Everest of Fiverr?

For a lot of people, it is about achieving TRS. For some, it is about getting a certain number of reviews or completed orders - 5,000 or 10,000, maybe? For me, it is about achieving $100k in lifetime Fiverr earning. Some sellers seem to get there every year. I am not one of them. But right now, I am focused on that. No idea how much longer it will take, but hope to get there eventually. [And once I do, vacation mode for 1 year as I go in search of the real Mount Everest or something like that :wink: ]

[Not that it would mean much…young IIT/IIM students get starting offers of $100k…heck, last I heard even a guy from the same college I dropped out of got a campus offer of $100k [from Google, no less]…they have their own Mount Everest I suppose…]


Well, I received TRS within 2 months of registering on the site. Since I am never going to be able to climb Mount Everest, it would be getting my TRS back. Not going to happen.


Having a project.

Completing it.

Being happy.


What happens if you reach the TRS level? What’s next?


I actually never thinked about my Mount Everest. As people says, Fiverr is not a permanent platform to earn their livelihood, and in my niche of business, my services are complicated and selling these services are not an easy task on Fiverr. My main and most important services are not even on Fiverr.


In which other platforms can you work as a freelancer?

Note: I am not quite sure if my question is against the TOS, so if it is, please ignore it; since it is not my intention to break the rules.

I am a social media entrepreneur. Management, marketing, advertising, promotions, PR Handling, etc. these are my services.

@iamsachmusic, I was talking about the platforms, haha. Because I usually hear a lot of people here saying that they do not work only on Fiverr, but they never say in which other platforms they work.

Oh… i never used any platforms except Fiverr. My main selling platform is my own website.

ohhh that is huge amount… :slight_smile: too much for a part time freelancer like me…

I don´t have any, nor did I (edit: I mean on Fiverr). As someone who is retired, I joined Fiverr for totally different reason than most people do :slight_smile:


Well, I became a TRS without even knowing that there was such a thing as TRS, so I didn’t long for that as others I see here do.

I also just saw I’m past 10K completed orders, and I wasn’t there to celebrate it :smiley:

I guess that could be one… although I’m still 4K short to reaching that point, but will get there in a bit. Although I bet I won’t notice it either and forget to celebrate it, again :smiley:

But no, that’s not it. My Mount Everest is something big. It’s something hard to climb, to get to.

It’s that of changing my Fiverr category/line of work. Sometimes in the near future I aspire to a brand new powerful computer that would allow me to invest time to properly learn animation and 3D, offering gigs for that as it fascinates me. I’ve started with the SEO world because I couldn’t decide between art & programming, both of which I love and am really good at, so I thought something different would be the solution. It was and still is after 7 years of doing this. But for some reason I keep getting drawn back to those two passions of mine :slight_smile:


Everybody has their own Mount Everest, doesn’t need to have anything to do with Fiverr :smiley: Everyone should have a Mount Everest, something to motivate you, otherwise life can become boring.


Yeah, Goofy, you are so funny and nice that I tend to forget there is a serious hardcore seller in you. LOL. I have to say you are just perfectly suited for this freelancing thing, it’s great you enjoy it so much as well. Fiverr should make you an Ambassador like right now.


@writer99025 Ah alrighty :slight_smile:. Hmmm, let me see… Well, as far as I can think of, at this point I don´t have any target anymore (at least not the big ones). I have got everything I needed to have and reached my big targets. All I want to do now just live in the present, and do whatever I feel like to do, no pressure whatsoever. I had reached my Mount Everest before I decided to be retired (and I did work my *ss off, and I´m not sorry for what I am now). If I feel bored I´ll just do something fun. Besides, sometimes boredom is just a state of mind, same with happiness (IMHO) :grin:

LOL…you are too young to be so content with life…my mom is similarly content with life, but she is 65. :smiley:

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@writer99025 People have different journey of life. And age is just a number, no? I started to travel abroad alone when I was much younger (Heck, I even visited India and other Asian countries before digital era), and did a lot of fun things and worked very hard. Right now, I still could decide to work more for money, but I don´t want to. I don´t care how many people try to make me feel bad about my decision. I have decided what I think is enough. Besides, I don´t plan to have kids. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but I didn’t mean making money…it could be anything…a nonprofit for homeless/street dogs, or something like that.

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@writer99025 Dude, I have many dogs for a reason (now finally for the first time in my life I can have many dogs within the same period of time). I used to only be able to keep one or two dogs per period of time. We also moved to the countryside for that reason (so we can have many dogs and have enough space for the dogs to run around. I did not buy all those mutts. I adopted them and I take care of them. Most of them are senior dogs (very old). They are all free loaders :joy: , but I love them. I have enjoyed helping dogs even before I got retired. But now I can do more since I have a lot of free time everyday. :slight_smile:

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LOL…you already have an NGO, make it official, get a license and you are in business :smiley:

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@writer99025 LOL. Not an NGO, just a crazy dog lady. :joy:

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