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Whats the new trend for this month on fiverr?

In freelancing, there are no trends that apply to the entire job title. Trends will be different for different categories, sellers, and levels of dedication. Looking for trends that will guarantee success is the wrong focus for this kind of job. Figure out what skills YOU have, and what skills YOU can offer to others who need them, then, build your freelancing career around those skills.

There are no easy roads to success, and there are no trends that will guarantee success. Your success will be directly proportional to the work YOU put into the presentation and marketing of YOUR skills.


What about skills that we have that we don’t get orders, nor messages from offers we send?

If you don’t have customers, you don’t gain orders. So figure out who your target customers are, learn about them and what they need, and reach out to them and show them how you can solve their needs. Expecting orders just because you created a gig is not how freelancing works.


Ogaaa all you are saying is not new to me, it might just be hard to standout in some categories here.
I’m sure you understand

I do, indeed, understand, how hard it is to stand out in some categories. But that’s the whole point of business – learning how to stand out in the market. Any market.


I do have a few small suggestions, but you’ll have to create an ‘Improve My Gig’ thread (with a link to your profile, please) first.

Back to your OP topic, I’ll admit there is a very small, very niche trend I’ve noticed recently, but I’ll also fully admit that I’d rather try for ‘first move advantage’ rather than share it with the world. Most people would be in the same mindset, which is why you have to do the research yourself. On a positive note, humans in general are great at noticing patterns. The tricky part is making sure you’ve come to the right conclusion, and planning how to follow up on it. (Both of which mean more research.)


I totally agree with this.

Any trends I notice, I keep to myself.

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But will keeping it to yourself really make sense?

It makes sense to me. If anyone notices a trend then they can take advantage of that trend before anyone else notices it.


If you had information that gave YOU an advantage over competitors in a market, would YOU freely share it with others, and thereby lose the profit advantage? Of course not. If @imagination7413 found a niche she’d like to test, that she thinks might work for her, it is perfectly within her rights to keep that niche to herself. That is, after all, the entire point of a “niche”. :wink:


If it’s not new then why didn’t you apply it?
I know right now you are waiting a specific answer like “do this and that and you will get orders”. But it doesn’t work like that. What works for some people wouldn’t work for you.
Even if Jeff Bezos would give you a complete step by step guidance how he did it you still most likely to fail even you follow all those steps.

No one can give you an answer what’s the “trend”. And especially if it’s already a trend it is to late to jump on that train.
Find something unique, find something yours and what works for you and develop it. And for that you will of course have to test a lot of other things before you find that formula that works for you.


Yes, in the business sense.

If you’re alluding to not making sense when my knowledge could help people, then I’ll point out that I don’t have to keep hanging around the forums answering questions for newcomers either. I am because I do enjoy helping people. I also know that I can’t help when I’m not in a position to do so.


Trend? Fiverr did not have any festival or specail day.

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‘Trend’ as a verb is another word for ‘pattern’ or ‘change in a notable direction’, depending on the context.


@imagination7413 Thanks for education.


welcome to fiverr @wengty :heart: :grinning:
It depends on your category of service.
Tattoo Design, Podcast Cover Art and Album cover design in Trend of Graphic & Design. These three services are in the Fiverr trend. You can work on it.

Apparently this seller does not agree with you…

“I will write news articles about coronavirus”

If Fiverr would be created in Poland it would be million dollar idea.

But seriously if it works then let’s share money fifty fifty :smiley:


There are folks in BR requesting books on coronavirus…for$5.



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