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What's the point of customers giving you a tip when you don't get the money?

Customers giving us a tip is great in theory, but when they do, fiverr takes a huge cut out of that tip, sometimes making it pointless, in that I’ll have to let the customer know not to leave a tip. Which is also a pointless exercise!.


Fiverr takes 20% of tips the same way they take 20% of revenue from orders. If you’re that ungrateful about getting tipped, send 'em my way.


No, not ungrateful, just pointless to have customers give you a tip in the first place and yeah I already know about the 20%.

And of course fiverr will keep doing it, it’s their site I know.

Just better to rant about things that will probably never change lol

I love fiverr taking 20%. It’s worth it. No fiverr no tips.


Yeah I suppose that extra £1.55 tip out of $10 I get is going to a fantastic coffee fund for the week and I no longer drink coffee lol

For now you don’t but you will again so save up for it.

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Yeah, I was definitely surprised that tips were subjected to the same 20% off treatment because where I’m from tips are something that is 100% yours in any scenario but that’s the site’s policy so what can you do. I’d rather have 80% tips than no tips at all.


I don’t say that this tax is fair or not, but why are you surprised by it?

When we join this platform, it’s supposed we do all the reading about it we need, so we know what we sign up for. It’s like choosing a country to be citizen of and then be surprised by the taxes. :slight_smile:

If we don’t like the 20% cut, we can choose another “country” to work on.


I never said I was surprised by it, just think it’s one of them ridiculous things to take a percentage off.

Fiverr only do this because a lot of unethical sellers started to deal orders by tips, so they didn’t had to pay the 20% to fiverr.

Let me explain: In the past, when fiverr started with tips, there was no 20% cut. So what these amazing sellers did was to deal, for example, a $100 order like $5 order and $95 tip. Amazing right? NO!

Because of these sellers, today we have cuts on tips.

So if you think it’s ridiculous, maybe you should start rethinking this. What is ridiculous, in my opinion, are these kind of cleaver sellers.


Xuntes is correct about the reason. Besides that, the seller gets most of the tip. If I didn’t get tips at all, my cut is zero. If I get a $10 tip, my cut is $8. I can use $8. If it was reversed and Fiverr took $8 and I got $2, it’s still going in my bank account. Thankfully, I get a much larger cut. Sure, you can rant about the extra money if you want, though. :smile:


Is it clear to buyers, though, that we don’t in fact get all of it? As a buyer learning they’re taking the money I intended to go solely to the seller I’d be wayyy more ticked than I am as a seller who’s tip is getting split.

I find it mildly irritating, I’d love to have more, but I don’t think it’s worth making a stink over.

I doubt it. I know it isn’t in other tipping situations I get into. It’s pretty common where I live for a waitress or bartender to have to share a cut of tips with the establishment and then divide the remainder between the wait staff. People who are purchasing wouldn’t know if the establishment does that or not unless they asked and even if they did, they might be told that was private. When I’ve purchased on Fiverr and tipped sellers I haven’t seen any notice about how tips are utilized.

It’s ok guys, after having thought about it, it really isn’t that much of a big deal, I just like to moan about stuff…should just put that small effort back into making more sales that’s all. or maybe set aside the small tips in my other bank account and let them accumulate, try and think positively! :grinning:


I imagine it’s fairly consistent country-wide. I’ve always just assumed it stayed with the wait staff (even if divided among them) but maybe that’s not the case.

It would seem there’s a recent law prohibiting those tips going to the restaurant owners or management, though.

Fiverr is very smart.
If they don’t remove from tips. Some might boycott the taxes by having trusted clients pay through tips.

There could be a change in the law in USA/various countries, I don’t remember if that passed. I think it would only apply to hourly and salaried workers, not to commission-based sales as we have here. Either way, I guess that customers are usually the least informed on some situations. :slight_smile:

No, I doubt it applies here, just pointing that out. Not that I really want to get into a legal battle with Fiverr over a few bucks anyways.

I agree. Just got a nice tip myself the other day. :slight_smile:


Nothing is pointess! To be honest Fiverr provides you the platform to show case the skills.

If you don’t want to give 20% to Fiverr why don’t you close the account and work on your own so you will not have to pay anything to anyone

We should be happy that we are earning good enough which was not possible if Fiverr was not there.