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What's the point of flagging something on the forum?

What’s the point of flagging something on the forum? I flagged some posts not too long ago where the user is ripping content online and claiming credit of it from various writers and the post is still there…(just one instance I recently reported but others I did a long time ago.) and although it hasn’t been too long I do believe some of the flagging I did was over 2+ weeks ago. Is this sent more directly to Fiverr rather than those that actively monitor the forum? I can relay the threads via message to someone if they’re interested. This can be potentially more of a bug than anything else… maybe the reporting didn’t go through? Just seems like a pretty long time for an issue to pend.

Please can you inbox the thread links to me directly


@ozzieuk No problem, can do. Sent the two I remembered off the top of my head. I fI come across the others i’ll let you know.

@kjblynx I suppose they aren’t as important of a concern as reports that involve actual financial transactions, eh?

i will flag everything! makes me feel so powerful! buahahahaha!

… ok im just kidding, idk . I have lots of experience on forums so i asume everytime we flag something , the mods have to look at it and try to decide if its against TOS and remove it.

We need to flag in order to keep this place safe from scum/scammers and ppl who break the rules…

Simple as that.