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What's the point of "no revisions" if modifications can be used?

What’s the point of “no revisions” if modifications can be used? This is actually a serious question. If I specifically say no revisions, why can’t I turn modifications completely off on my gig? It’s content writing and I say no revisions, should that not in turn simply just mean the option for changes isn’t allowed? Is there no way to turn this off completely?

I wondered this myself. And if only one is included, I wonder why there isn’t some way to auto charge?

I’m guessing its broke. I’ve wondered this myself.
We generally dont want to deal with $5 orders. But we have to…

And we certainly dont want to deal with them getting rejected for modifications. Especially when those modifications are not something you CANT reject it for as per our terms and conditions laid out in our services.

But buyers don’t care… they see the button so they hit it .

We just cancel their order and leave them with what they were delivered . Free of charge… move on with your life…let them bother someone else.

Anything else means your going to get a crappy rating on your gig and that hurts worth than missing out on $5 or $10 in the long run.

Sellers need protection here… but this wouldnt be the case if the site was just coded to allow so much of this nonsense NOT to happen in the first place.

Oh, I don’t even bother with $5 orders. I just accept mutual cancellations. I was mainly focusing on those that spend over $20, $30, etc. These actually require more of a time investment, and it bugs me on those that want me to refund based on their “personal taste” 99% of the time, rather than base their review on the quality of the work. I almost feel that after enough valid feedback is left, any orders under about $20 shouldn’t even be allowed to leave reviews or at the very least, not allowed to try to cancel a $5 order unless a seller initiates it.

It probably has a lot to do with buyer favoritism like most websites have. They bring in the actual cash, so they try to work with them the most. I do notice that when I send any inquires in regards to high volume buyers, 99% of the time they always side with the buyer, where-as if the buyer is new or hasn’t bought much they’re not very hesitant to side with me. Aka, they try to do as little as possible to offend the buyer.

Yes! It’s a great ides to not allow $5 orders to leave reviews or at least not give them full benefits of higher orders. Something to let buyers know if they want to only spend $5 it’s not the same or not as good as if they spend more.

I’m hoping either that or a video that pops up and compares $5 to a cup of coffee to bring realism to those that seem to be out of the loop of what real costs are but that’s just me being hopeful as I am sure they branded like crazy the $5 gets you the world viewpoint.

I think you should offer one revision as standard. Once this is used let the buyer know they can purchase additional ones if needed . I have not had any issues so far doing this it works fine for me.

If you notice some other threads, offering a revision can indicate the buyer can request you do everything from scratch as a “revision”. I used to offer revisions but all the buyers used to take advantage of that. When I think revision, I think “Oh, let me fix that typo” or “Oh, let me re-write that sentence”. Not a “Oh, let me do this from scratch for you like I didn’t already invest time.”

Valid point. .

I do still occasionally offer “modifications” if it’s for simple things, but I try to avoid actually saying I offer revisions due to the way they treat it, not because I don’t want to sigh