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What's the point of reviewing buyers by a seller?


Why not show these reviews on buyers’ profile?
So that sellers could know more about them!


Or, you could communicate with your buyers directly, and learn about than that way. :wink:


Today I saw review on a buyers profile, but no gigs


Here you go, but no gigs and nothing inside the profile



Most probably that user was a seller but now gigs are removed


ok, that might happen too, but why do we rate the clients anyway, if the ratings can’t be seen


They give you a chance to explain yourself in your own review section, especially in the case of a bad review.

While it doesn’t show up on their profile, if you search a certain buyer’s name in Google alongside “Fiverr” or other search terms, sometimes it will bring up reviews they have left other sellers and those sellers’ responses.


Many sellers also don’t do this.


I feel like you have a point @josephvm

Uber shows drivers the ratings of the people that need a ride…that way if there is a bad customer (with a bad review), the uber driver can reject the request.

I think Fiverr should do something like that…I think the ratings that sellers give buyers should be averaged together and listed on their profile page…that way we can know to reject the buyers that are known to frequently cancel orders.

I think we should also have the feature to block buyers (that we don’t want to work with) from ordering.


It’s very one sided, so no particular point in doing so. Unless you want to add anything to the feedback the buyer gave you. Though it’s weird, as when it asks you to review the buyer, it says it will help the marketplace stay a safer place, so not show how that could be. Unless it’s just lazy coding and it’s only buyers that can affect that, and sellers should see a different message, or rather no message at all. :sweat_smile: