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What's the point of setting a revision number in a gig?


I have a writing gig and I set a certain number of revisions depending on the word count of each package. There are a few times when buyers have gone beyond the limit I set. What’s the point of setting a revision limit when you create a gig when the buyer can push the revision request button as many times as they want?

Buyer having unlimted revisions?

There is no point.

People can endlessly request modification, so you never get paid.

However, it is probably worth knowing that the gig will eventually mark as complete when you redeliver it, as the 3-day clock never stops running. This means that after a few modifications, it should mark as complete automatically within hours.

You may still end up with negative feedback, though.


@ryangillam Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I didn’t know that about the 3-day clock so thank you. I don’t think it’s fair that they get unlimited revisions, and our delivery clock never stops counting down either. It’s particularly difficult when the buyer isn’t clear about what they want in the first place. Have you ever had any problems with this type of thing?


After they get the number of revisions included, you respond with an offer for additional ones. I don’t include any revisions, and every time that modification request hits, it’s another chance to sell an extra.


I think it’s weird that the revision button is available when the included revisions is used. The button should then be “Request Paid revision” or something like that… Many buyers abuse the revision button.


@newsmike that’s a good tip!


@smashradio I agree with you 100% It’s useless.


Brilliant (20 Characters)


Exactly. That way we get compensated for all the extra hard work we’re putting in


I think if they’ve gone past the specified number of revisions (or more likely 2 past) then that’s the time that you could consider contacting CS about it. Maybe also mention the number of revisions the gig/offer allows for to the customer after they request more. It will also depend on if they’re requesting fixes to errors or just wanting subjective changes done. You could also mention the message that they accept when the order starts (something about everything has been fully specified and any changes may be subject to costs).


@uk1000 have you ever had an issue with something like this? Do you know from experience?


The gig does not get added to your ‘late stats’ if it is a revision as it classes it as already delivered.

And nope. Nobody ever asks me to revise their content. I offer unlimited revision too. The only time it ever gets rejected is if somebody can’t open the file I send them, and that is easy to deal with.


I contacted CS about it after someone asked for 2 more revisions than the gig offered I think, where the customer was not satisfied but hadn’t wanted to cancel and was asking for very time consuming revisions (practically everything having to be redone) even though it was a very cheap gig. I don’t know whether their T&S team looked into it, but I think they asked me to try to work it out with the customer, and the customer accepted a revised version later and was happy with it and gave a good review.


Unfortunately, there are also many sellers who abuse the revision system, by sending poor quality work with mistakes, so the buyers have to use up all of their revisions (and possibly more than that) just to get it done somewhat right.


May I ask what kind of gig you offer?


I think Fiverr CS prefers for the buyer and seller to work it out among themselves.


I offer a writing service.


I always offer quality. Sometimes the buyers are picky about what they want, yet they don’t tell you everything they need right off the bat.


I guess writing short stories is a little bit different to what I do. All I need are keywords and I can do the job.


Yeah, it is a little different. Are you picky about the customers you work with or just anyone and everyone?