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What's the point to show off?


I really don’t understand that every second topic is about someone got his/her x-th order or reached level 1/2 seller or managed to earn $$$ x WITHOUT its story, advices, or principles that the particular seller followed. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy about everyone’s success but these topics, in this form, don’t bring any value to the forum. For example, If I get a big order or anything, I’ll tell it to my friends!

What do you think?



There are two sides to it.

It encourages some and dampens others

The truth is when you have done some hard work and it yields success. It is almost impossible to not talk about it. I also know there are a couple of others who low-key about their success.

They didnt manage to earn. They worked hard for it. Its a tough competition on fiverr.

What I find unimpressive is the length of time it took them to earn such an amount.


So long as they go in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ I can’t see a problem.

You can mute any forum category you don’t want to see. :wink:

I still can’t understand why folks share pictures of their dinners in restaurants etc. but each to their own. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s probably their equivalent. I see a problem though, and that is there is nothing behind it. Like Bruce Springsteen sang, 57 channels and nothing on.


I haven’t known of this “mute” option until now and been using the forum for a year. Great!

Daily selfies by ordinary people is the same as pictures of dinners. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to look at ordinary people I don’t know selfies sometimes though if it’s in a bigger context, like in “These three friends took a weekly selfie since 1957. The last one will make you cry” articles even if I generally am wary of clickbaity titles, because sometimes they do make you cry, and who doesn’t love to cry, after all ;).
But then that aligns with your post - what’s the point without context.

The mute option is a nice tool. A bit blunt, as people post wherever, so you’ll still see posts you think you shouldn’t see and might miss some you’d have liked to see, but that’s negligible and it’s very convenient in the grand scheme.


Often it is spam to advertise a seller’s gigs, pretending to be something they are proud of when actually it’s no more than other sellers achieve all the time.

The purpose of the forum is not to say “I got a 5 star review” or “I got my first order”. These are pointless posts.



Although admittedly, I’ve read a few inspirational stories on here that I really liked. About people quitting their day jobs they loathed, building cozy home offices and giving themselves a bit more time and space to follow their dreams and buying themselves nice things. I like those, those are motivating.