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Whats the possibility Im being scammed?

Hello, I am new to the fiverr and I have a question. So recently some “chinese developer” msg’ed me and asked me to make an upwork account bcs he lives in china and its better to make an account from europe. At first I thought, hey good idea I can help you. But later on some other guys asked the same, so I got suspicious. Is this some kind of scam? I mean, so far I have made paypal account with the first guy and technically we will confirm the bank on the paypal soon (thats completely empty so I don’t have to worry about it), but should I just ignore all of that? Everything he said seemed fine, but because of the second guy I am not so sure anymore.

EDIT: so I’ve reached my maximum amount of replies so if there is anything you wanna ask, just dm. Also I close all the possible accounts related to it so I don’t have to worry anymore.

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How’s that can sound fine?
It’s a very obvious scam and very known that’s going on for a long time.
And congrats you are just broke fiverr TOS not talking about in how much trouble you can get into creating PayPal and up work accounts for someone else.


Well as I said im pretty much new here. So is it really known scam here? I guess I will just cut all the contacts, and don’t worry paypal account isn’t finished anyway. Despite being stupid, I am not that stupid. Well thanks anyway

Yeah, dude. You’ve been/you’re being scammed. I’d distance myself from this asap before someone reports you or CS finds out.

You broke TOS. Why would you do something for someone that breaks TOS? That’s your mistake, intentionally going against Fiverr terms of service, not being gullible.


fortunately nothing really happaned yet, I just blocked and cut all contacts

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service immediately, then.

That way you’ll learn the rules and be able to avoid getting banned.

By the way, what made you think that creating a fake upwork account and basically participating in a scam could possibly be a good idea?


well first thing, I knew it all was quite dodgy. So I tried to make sure I didn’t give any info that could cause harm to me.
Second thing I’m in huge need of money and I had this childish attitude like “hey what if its not a scam”
There were few thing that he said and that make sense, but I was still cautious.
Anyway I didn’t really know how would that work and so I kept on going.
Also I got his mail address and I was carefully watching everything.

You made a Paypal account for him? In your name?


Well kinda, I didn’t really use my name tho and no card nor bank is connected to it so I am not worried

So who’s name is it in?

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Some random names to be honest

And who was going to put the bank to associate it with, you? Your bank account? Or his?

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mine, but its an empty one, and I could freeze it anytime

Don’t the names have to match? No maybe not.

So then would money be put into your bank account at some point?

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I dont think so as far as I know

Where was the money to put into the bank account going to be coming from?

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im not sure I understand. You mean how would the money go on paypal or what? If so, technically it should go from upwork (atleast that was his plan) and he would send some money there from his account.

I see. And so then you would have money from his up**** account put into your bank account through Paypal, and then somehow send it to him?

So this guy in China now has access to your bank account and can send money into it and have you withdraw it?

Do you know what money laundering is?


money from there would go to the paypal acc we made, and later on from this account he would send me profits. To pay there he would firstly send money from his acc to our and thats all