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What's the problem for Getting Orders.How can I get Orders?

Last Month, I got some orders but this month i didn’t get. So how can i improve my gig rank. is there can help me to share his/her experience. Actually last month 1 client 1 order cancelled after that i didn’t get any order. Actually that was not my job title related.


hmmm, it is expected to be disturbed , but keep believing and keep working on yourself and skills and promote well to family and friends , i hope there will be a good turn around.


Hi - welcome to the forum.

You may find these articles useful:

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Stay login minimum 14/15 hour in fiverr & fiverr forum.try to give more & more times in fiverr forum.Reading Their blogs,comments & try to reply them.:upside_down_face:


Thank you for giving such a wonderful information regarding orders.This will definitely helpful for those who are beginners,Thank You so much


I have promote my Gig but still not get order why :slightly_frowning_face: