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What's the problem in my gigs?


Hi !
am sobuj am just open my fiverr account few days ago but don’t get any order from buyers.experts please can you all tell me what the problem in my gigs?


The problem is… no one is buying your services, because there are hundreds of other sellers offering the same exact services, and you are doing nothing to stand out from the competition.

Or, perhaps you aren’t doing any marketing and promotion. People aren’t going to purchase your services, if they don’t know how to find your gigs.

Or, perhaps you’re sitting back, doing nothing, and expecting sales to fall in your lap.


thanks for your valuable advice & now i put my few skill add on my gigs.
Thanks again1


I think your poor grammar, spelling and typing probably has a lot to do with it. I don’t buy from people who don’t communicate professionally, clearly and correctly. If you improve your English and put more effort into writing, I imagine you’ll see things improve.


thanks for your valuable advice mam …


You’re very welcome. It’s ma’am, a contraction for madam, not, “mam.”


haaha again thank you for showing my another mistake.


I’m in the same boat. I just started using fiverr as a seller this week. I’ve posted interesting and unique gigs, now I’m looking for a good way to promote without using social media. Is that possible?