What's the protocol for seller to cancel the order?


What happens if a buyer puts in an order and didn’t discuss their project in advance with me? Think of this scenario: A buyer puts in an order for $5 when the job is actually worth $50. Buyer never asks you for a quote. Buyer misunderstood the instructions. Buyer expects the job to be done for $5. Can a seller cancel the order? Does it go against the seller’s record as canceled order? Anyone can put in an order for $5 and then cancel it. If the seller never agreed to buyer’s offer, then will the seller be entitled to cancel the order and will it count against seller’s poor record as a canceled order?


Firstly you should communicate with him through messages to let him know about your policy first and instructions to contact before placing orders. Once he understand his mistake and fiverr procedures, you can request for mutual cancellation. if both side performed mutual cancellation then it wont affect your cancellation ratio I think. :smiley:


Thanks angie for your feedback. I didn’t know about the mutual cancellation option. I will need to learn more about it. From now on, I will not take on any orders where I did not provide advance quote. I will describe the nature of my work in detail in the quote before accepting the order. Thanks.