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What's the protocol on plagiarism?

What’s the protocol when a digital “artist” has multiple gigs on their account but the art is someone else’s?
I’ve seen a person posting on forum (asking for advice) plagiarising other people’s artwork and claiming as their own. They also have a couple of reviews on their profile which I feel like is that they’re misleading the clients.

How do we discourage this kind of behavior?


Usually when you upload images to Fiverr, you have to check a box stating that you have rights to the images that you are using before you can even upload your gig. Plagiarism isn’t allowed, as far as I know. If they continue to use other people’s work, then they should be reported. I think that Fiverr will take the Gig down once it is reviewed, and it may even effect the seller’s account/status.

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yeah, report it i say

my concern would be though that they use copyrighted material in their work and the buyer doesn’t know

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There’s a flag on every forum post. When you open the flag it gives you options for reporting. Choose “Other” and explain the problem in that field, then submit it. Make sure you provide evidence. The mods here take action quickly.

Fiverr gigs also have flags. Report them, too.


Thanks for the comments!

Yep, already reported, the said person also posted on forum multiple times asking for help from other members so is it fine to share that particular forum post here or would that be against TOS? I won’t be naming their account or anything just linking another forum post here. Maybe you all can check it out as well?

Contact customer support OR message the person who made the item and inform him about the person who plagarized him I have seen many people do it

Approximately 20%-40% users/ sellers within digital art of any kind category have artwork that thy took from Google search results or other web pages.
Yesterday one girl was asking for advice and I told her she should use original work. When she was persistent that images are her own original I took all her images in Google search and, yes, I found them on other websites, but I also got a lot of Fiverr links of users using the same image.

For example this one:
It is all over photoshop GIGs.

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That’s just infuriating, I had no idea about so many “sellers” plagiarising and making a fool out of their clients. No wonder why a lot of gigs have 3 really good images and then the deliverables are nowhere close to the first 3 (portfolio) images.

Still, that’s all the orders that could’ve gone to more capable and honest sellers on fiverr and not these guys who take shortcuts.

Well, look at my case. I am here only because I was angry when I needed something for my youtube channel and I did not have time to work on it properly due to my work schedule. I was a silly buyer then and I made a post on buyers’ requests. aaaaaaa what has reached out to me…

I lost a lot, a lot of money last year on fiverr. I order something and I get nothing or worst then nothing and then I want to cancel and since I used my real name they find me on other social media and beg beg beg not to cancel since they are from X and they have no money and they will die if I take 5$ away from them.
Now that I decided to join Fiverr as a seller and spending some time on Fiverr I see the mentality I am facing.
Yesterday I point blanked prove to this girl her images are taken from other sites. She apologized yesterday. Today she opened a new topic… and she is just 1 out of 100000 same sellers on Fiverr.
If you have time, since it is weekend and why not, go to any category under design and pick some seller and then google search his/her images… logo too. It is like reading a comic book with just pictures.


You can report any buyer or seller, anyway I wouldn’t mind take time to do this as it will take Your time away!

May I add how refreshing it is to take one photo from the artist portfolio and google search it and all results are returning back to the same artist?
I just checked one of your photos and all results were either your IG or FB were people shared your photo but all credited you.

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Omg, I feel really bad for you. I had no idea this was happening cause all the artists I know on fiverr are pretty much genuine but when I see some clients getting misled or cheated on I feel like it affects the genuine artists as the said clients won’t return on fiverr. I just wish I could spend a week or so and report all the fake accounts in my category but that’s a biiiiig task.

Also, thank you so much! Yep, my name “Aprampar” is pretty unique even for Indian standards so you’ll find my accounts if you google something like Aprampar Art, In hindsight I shouldn’t have kept my fiverr handle my actual name cuz some clients track me outside of fiverr and I’m just scared one day I’ll get flagged for that -_-

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