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What's the reason for non-refund Gst?

In any circumstances, when the order is get cancelled the money will be refunded to the account, but the Gst amount which was deducted when the payment was made is not refunded. I would like to know the reason behind it, since there has not been any progress done, then why should I pay Gst for Fiverr?

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I have no idea what GST is I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

For any money related queries, please ask CS>

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fiverr started charging GST? i didnt know that
@offlinehelpers GST is new general service tax in india

GST is also a tax in Australia that has recently been added to fiverr’s fees.

@m_ren10 if the funds have been returned to your fiverr account, the reason the GST (and the service fee) have not been refunded, is that they only get charged once, and when you place a new order with the funds in your account, you will not be charged GST or a fiverr fee on that order.

If you are unsure or want further details, as @offlinehelpers has mentioned, customer service are the best ones to help :smile:

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thanks sue, for the clarification