What's the scene?


Hello everyone!

I’ve returned to Fiverr after a bit of a hiatus. Working full time = very little time for work on the side, sigh. I used to have a lot of of gigs the last time I was on here, so I’m a little curious about the changes I’m seeing since then.

For example, the Buyer Requests- what happened to that? It used to be a huge line of reasonable requests. Now it’s basically a column of sellers, spamming weirdly phrased requests. Are Buyer Requests not a big thing anymore? Also, is the gig scene still full? I’ve hardly heard a squeak since I reactivated, which is to be expected, but I didn’t think for so long.

What’s been happening round here?


Lot of things have been changed on fiverr like search results,some modifications in design tab and lot more …
welcome and enjoy


Basically, everyone has gone a bit insane because gigs and search wizardry has all gone a bit fubar and no one knows what to do apart from rinse and repeat the same, ‘don’t depend on Fiverr, market your business,’ advice which isn’t really that practical.

The good news is that Rudyard Kipling once had a nice bit of advice about keeping your head when all about you lose theirs. In this case, my philosophy is simply to make sure to get to the pub later.


I blame @jonbaas for that.


The “Terms of Service” has also changed but maybe you have read this already. Anyhow … welcome back! :slight_smile:


I beg to differ. Why rely upon Fiverr as the only source of traffic, when sellers have every ability to get out there and market their gigs to their own customers and generated traffic. Since this is what the business world does to build a customer base, I’d have to say, the advice is about as practical as one can get.


That seems reasonable, yeah.