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What's the scope of Business Plans and related gigs on Fiverr?

I have read alot of different posts in Fiverr Forum about how to get orders etc etc.

But I’m a bit confused about the Business Category on Is it really lucrative or does it at least get any orders?

What I would suggest is go to the Business category, under Business plans, click on High Rated, and just read through and look at the gigs that have over 1,000+ reviews/orders. Look closely at the types of things they are selling. In order to sell you have to have something that is very marketable and sought after on this kind of a platform. Taking time to do the research of what the top selling gigs are in each of the business categories will be helpful to you.

And be sure to read over their profile descriptions too to get ideas (yours is very vague and generic so you may want to revise that a little).

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for your advice, I think you are right about my profile. I will surely work on this. More suggestions for the benefit of the community will be appreciated.

Reply to @thevictorcaan: Just more research into what kind of gig is actually the most marketable. I don’t quite get what an initiation plan is or whatever you were calling it. Si just keep researching and tweaking things until you find a gig that makes a hit.

And also on Fiverr it can take a few months to get going selling anything, so have patience too.

Reply to @sincere18: Its basically a plan about how to start your business. Consist of strategies for the initial stage of your business and strategies for next 12 months, how to operate effectively and successfully.

Reply to @thevictorcaan: yes, but how does that differ from a business plan. Wouldn’t the business plan lay that out? That is what you have to get across to the buyers, convince them why they need this in addition to their actual business plan.