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What's the silliest story a client has told you as an excuse?

Has Fiverr made me bitter or am I justified in being annoyed about this?

I’m a voice-over actor and I frequently do whiteboard animation voice overs for other sellers on Fiverr, who sell their whiteboard animations for $100-200. Their gigs often state that they provide voice overs for an increased price, while not disclosing that those voice overs are actually outsourced by other sellers on Fiverr, frequently for $5-20.

Here’s the latest excuse a client gave me as to why they didn’t want to share the link to my page with their client:

Client: send me your demo so I can show my client
Me: my demo is available on my gig page, feel free to send the client a link to my page
Client: I can’t, I need the file
Me: Why?
Client: Because they don’t have a computer


My friend, I already know most of my clients re-package my audio work and sell it as their own at a huge markup. It’s part of the trade. But I’m not going to help you lie to your client so that you can charge them more for MY services.

Just admit that you don’t want your client to know you’re outsourcing the voice-over for an incredibly cheap price while charging them $200 for a clip art video.

What’s the most bonkers story a client has told you as an excuse?


P.S. no shade on whiteboard animators here on Fiverr, I’ve got a lot of love for you guys!

Long ago I had a client come back 4 days into his order to finally give me the information I needed to start work. His excuse was simply “the cows got out.” I’m sure rounding them back up was a challenge, and I guess he couldn’t send the file from out on the range.


that’s a good one…love that