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What's the solution?

Hi my friends,

sometimes, the buyer sent me an order, and I can’t do this work, because it’s not my specialty.

The fault of the buyer, because he didn’t read my description.

So this case, my solution is to cancel the order.

If you’re in my situation, you’ll do what?


You may go ahead and cancel by mutual cancellation which is usual at the end of the chat box under the order timer.
Just be sure to explain to buyer in the nicest way the reason and tell him to accept for a full refund. This will not affect your ratings.

Hope it all works out :wink:

Most of the time, I ask for Mutual cancellation but at the same time, I do offer other products that I can offer and refer to other fiverr seller.

I would just politely say that the order is beyond the scope of your service, and state what you do offer, and then offer to cancel the order. Then ask separately for a mutual cancellation, by clicking on the mutual cancellation link. Hopefully the buyer will understand and move on to another seller. I usually suggest what words they should look for in the seller’s gig title (i.e. based on what they need done).

Ohh, Thanks for your comments.
Just there are buyers don’t even read my gig.