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What's the Whackiest Gig You've Encountered on Fiverr?


I’ve seen many and most of the ones a user named “ittybittygrandma” (or similar to that) has tons of really creative gigs that are enjoyable to watch. What have you encountered in your Fiverr experience?

What’s the whackiest gig you’ve done?


The man who juggles chainsaws. :confused:


There was a guy who would taser himself for $5. I remember bookmarking him, but he disappeared. I think Fiverr asked him not to do that, lol. Can’t imagine why! :wink:


Reply to @crcanny: Eww


It’s so funny, I was reading this like …why is this person being mean to OldBittyGrandma?

I kept reading it “Whackest.” which is an urban (though rather dated and old school) phrase for being “busterish” or “the opposite of cool”


The weirdest ones to me are the ones where people write things on their bodies, lips, eyelids, bellies. etc… that is just strange to me for some reason… of course we recently had a FART gig (of course from NYC) but it was deleted quickly


Reply to @princemaxx: I was gonna say that but then I thought there are wayyy more crazy gigs being put onto Fiverr.

I kind of want to buy a chainsaw juggling message tho :smiley:


I’d say that guy who stalks people lol he’s creepy