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What's the worst non-Fiverr thing that happened to you today?

We do have lives outside of Fiverr, don’t we? And life can be tiresome. Today, I thought it would be nice to have an omelette with cheese and spinach mushroom innards. It was delicious, thanks for asking.

However, a jumping spider (this means exactly what you fear) had foolishly jumped into my oil jug and drowned. I did accidentally fry the spider to a crisp as I went around screaming.

I then threw the fried spider and oil away, and started again with a new oil bottle.

I still irrationally believe the old bottle may have hints of spider poo and/or other spider stuff, and will no longer cook from it (until I absentmindedly forget and discover the greatest cooking innovation of 2016).

So, what’s your trouble?

If that’s the extent of your non-Fiverr “trouble” you have a great life indeed.

I can assure you that potential spider omelets horrify me!

I have a trouble free life as well, come to think of it…cooking, cleaning, washing, gardening and even driving on rare occasions…everything is taken care of by others (labor is cheap in India)…all I do is get up, have something to eat, write articles, visit the Indian version of Starbucks close to my house once a day, write articles again, watch a bit of CNN or sports or Stephen Colbert/Jimmy Kimmel, sleep. Repeat. Not much human interaction though.

There’s many in the west who’d love to retain their lifestyle yet messily combine it with yours, ya know.

Yeah, I am perfectly happy, but I need to exercise…that’s the only thing…no point in making all this money if I end up spending everything on medical bills when I am in my 40s or 50s…

Being a financially independent single guy in his 30s has its benefits.

Are you another flabby writer? I have vague intentions to go “for a walk” or even watch and follow a Youtube video but…

…I’d rather just eat a quick snack. Go for it! I’m 34 and I think you’re around my age… it’s all downhill from here with our health, my friend. I might just hold back to that last cheesy scone though. Be a shame not to.

My Indian friend tells me friends who visit USA from India are horrified that we have to do every day chores for ourselves and are eager to rush back to India.

well in terms of real estate, men go up in value as compared to women as they age. You should work that angle.

@misscrystal: lol chores sorts the men out from the boys!

The spider omelette does sound like a nightmare. I’ve had a remarkably restful day without difficulties aside from the aforementioned barrage of spam. Orders have been slow the past few days so I’ve caught up on some much needed R & R.

True, you are right.

That’s a very good point. I thought in India a well off man could select a pretty young lady and simply offer her family something for her, or hire a matchmaker to make an introduction. It sounds simple.

Glad to hear it–all skills need a rest. I did spot the spider in the oil before cooking but I spent a few minutes being a complete wuss about it.

Haha…in India, men need to have a regular job in a software company or financial services firm to have any value…so I’m out of the market, and have no expectations.

It’s not just about being wealthy…it’s about having a regular job.

I’m a wuss too about crawling things indoors. I need to get another cat.

Arranged marriages were a thing in the west too. I couldn’t speak for the current situation regarding it now in India though.

India is a whole subcontinent will millions of diverse people though. There’s huge differences between NYC and uh… some town in Utah, just as it would be with Delhi v some rural local hub/market town.

Do you think it would be fair to say there’s a new Indian ‘raj’ emerging? I can’t agree with that anymore than I think it’s awesome that San Francisco has a huge homeless population and underpaid workers (for the city) while the rich feast.