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What's the worst refund excuse you've gotten?


Here’s one I got from a “nice” buyer.

“If it’s okay for you I want the refund. But It’s not that your work is bad. Was just not what I was looking for, keep up the good work!”

Seriously? I’m not even getting angry at this point. My response was “OK bye.”


I got one which I wrote a post about here where she said as soon as she made sure she knew everything and had asked questions to make sure she understood everything perfectly after delivery and at one point had thanked me and was very excited about it all, and for which I gave her a free bonus:
“I changed my mind.” I refused to accept the cancellation. She spent an hour and a half threatening me.


“I placed the order by mistake.”

If it was the basic $5 order, OK, maybe it can happen. Perhaps the finger brushed against the
"order now" button by accident.

But when someone pushes the order button, then clicks on EVERY gig extra and tells me
it was a mistake? Nah, don’t think so.
I guess it was one of those “I’m gonna place a huge order and just ask for a cancellation just to p*ss you off” stuff.


Mine asked me for six revisions and I did them all because I was new and just a couple of sales short of level 2. After all hours ($5 gig - it was just after a sale) she sent me a quick message that said “We ordered a similar piece from someone local and we’ve decided to go with that one. Theirs is expensive and we need money to pay for it, so we need a refund from you.”

I contacted CS. They advised me to work it out with the buyer. I told the buyer she could choose a different gig from my offerings and I’d do it as a compromise. She didn’t reply but left me a 3 star review and wrote “Seller refused to work with me.” CS did remove the review and I counted that as very lucky since 3 stars wasn’t technically negative.


Sounds like an impulse buy. I’ve seen people ordering redundant gig extras, that makes me feel guilty and then I have to ask the client what else he wants, and I don’t like that. I find it easier telling them that the Silver package includes domains.


That’s crazy, glad you’re no longer doing six revisions. What’s the most you’ll do? Two? My clients are lucky when I do one.


It depends on the gig, the price and my available time. Generally speaking it’s two 5 minute revisions on a $10 article but I would probably reduce it to one if I had a lot of buyers asking for it. It’s not like the early days when I couldn’t afford to just say no. Most of my writing buyers are regulars now and they only ask for a revision if we really misunderstood each other or I made an error in concept.

I can be generous with 2 brief revisions allowed since it’s so rare anyone uses either one and they know if it’s going to take more than 10 minutes to do the two, I’m going to send a quote for the added time. My research/finder gig doesn’t have any revisions since I have it all over the gig that I can give you XYZ and if I can’t, it’s an automatic cancel. That gig is my favorite because it’s so straightforward!

I don’t blame you for not offering revisions overall. Your gigs seems so straightforward too, they get what they get and most of it should be a quick transaction. Those kind of gigs seem to fit a lot better on Fiverr than any kind of very complex job with a lot of moving parts.


Your detective gig is very interesting, I just took a peek. How much do you pay for the software you’re using to search for people?

Sometimes I don’t mind revising, if it’s a 5-minute revision or less. Other times, revising means check domains again, trademarks again, and it’s just a huge hassle. It’s also hurtful when the client pays for 5, you deliver 8, and then he wants a revision.


The software is variable because if you really want to optimize your profits, you have to switch from one to the other to get the one on sale. My favorite way is to find one offering a free trial and if I can do a bulk order gig on that one, I make 100% profit on multiple searches. When I get stuck with one that I have to retain per month for a while I have to recharge a prepaid card because those companies are really bad about “forgetting” your request to cancel when the price goes up. The good ones range from about $20 to 30 a month.

I have some local apprentice skip tracers that buy from me for that so most of the time I make fair profit even on the months I have to pay for it. Occasionally I just break even or take a small loss. I think when I get around to converting that gig to packages where I can offer a range of single, bulk and expanded searches I’ll make more.

Right now I can’t really offer anything that consistent while I’m building the gig on the back of half free trials. it’s a work in progress! (That’s my life. LOL.)


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