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Whats this ? Its bothering me!


Today on my first login, fiverr ask me “Suraj, What are you working on?”,
and there is limited option from which I am not working on any :smiley: although I selected one and they start showing me related service and ask me for my budget ? I dont want to do it !!
I get back and refresh sever time! Its still there !!
Any one know?
any one face the same ?

One of My Sold Orders Is Acting Weird [DELIVER BUTTON MISSING

It appears to show up only to registered Fiverr users. I’ve seen this design a month ago for a brief time and then it disappeared, but now it has resurfaced.

It may be a new way of helping buyers find what they need based on their budget and specific goals, or Fiverr is trying to convert more of its sellers into buyers? (maybe there aren’t enough buyers lately so why not rotate the revenues between sellers by turning more of them into buyers :stuck_out_tongue: )


if this is rotating revenues and converting sellers to buyers then not gonna work at all ! hahahaha!
Its really bothering me!
Is there any way I can remove this?


I don’t see why it bothers you - if you don’t intend to buy anything, then as a seller you should be having only one page open: either the manage_sales page, or the ToDo page, where you conduct your business :wink: I haven’t even noticed that page because I’m focused on my ToDo page instead.

If you don’t want it to bother you, then don’t open the homepage :smiley:


hahaha! Now thats only way I think!
I usually navigate to home page, may be clicking on fiverr logo became my habit :stuck_out_tongue:
But I can try your solution now onward! :stuck_out_tongue: