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What's this limit?


Hi there,

Currently I tried to submit a reply on another user topic but it seem I’m limited to a number of replies per day.
I’m a user since 2012 and also Top Rated Seller. How can this feature / limit be normal?


As of right now there are different levels you can earn here on the forum which eventually will lift these restrictions.


Yes, but might be impossible to achieve them with this kind of restriction.

Replying in a forum is the basic thing that anyone can do… you can’t take this feature just because you want users to earn some badges to achieve different levels.

I tried to reply at 9:36 AM and I got “Please wait 7 hours before trying again.” Really Fiverr?


Same happened with me for the “likes”.

First I got “Please wait 6 hours before trying again”.
Then after 6 hrs I got “Please wait 9 hours before trying again”.


Sometime it’s maybe bug …


@taverr Likes are different because they are only needed for showing opinions and gaining badges. They are naturally limited but that will not prevent you from leveling and getting the ability to do more.


@spark4hope Posts and replies are limited heavily on ONLY the first day you use the forum. After that it is extended greatly and should allow you plenty of opportunity to level unless you spam/overpost heavily.


Ok @fonthaunt, I really want to become an very active member of the community on the forum and that’s why the limit was pretty bad.

Is there any topic where all these rules are posted? If not, then it should be.

Thanks again!


I entirely understand. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to warn people about the first day limits because we didn’t realize they were set to default when the forum launched. Yes, the rules are posted. There are hard and fast rules that you can find here: Forum Rules + Do’s and Dont’s

At the bottom of that post you will see two other things. One is a “Do’s and Dont’s” section with a general reference to some do’s and don’ts that are not rules but are good to be cautious about. The other is a pointer to a set of community faqs/guidelines that came with the new forum and was left up while we discuss merging. The top part with rules is the main thing and it can take awhile to read the rest of the general guidelines but I eventually I suggest brushing up on all of it if you are hoping to hit level 3 someday on the forum. Thanks!


How to earn levels? And Is there any explanation in details that we all understand.

Thank you , Just learnt how to quote :maple_leaf:



You can earn levels by participating in the forum.


Thank you so much @annai80 and @catwriter … I will try my best to earn levels. Thank you so much . Much Appreciated



You are welcome :wink:


@spark4hope Same thing happened to me :thinking:


definitely! I also think these rules must be posted. Thanks!


ask to CS. they can help.


Thank you for this. This really helps. :slight_smile: