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Whats this please?


******* can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.

I have seen this twice and I am confounded.


Either the user you’re trying to message isn’t on the platform any more, or they’ve blocked you from sending them messages.


Thanks for the clarification. If they blocked me, would I still see their profile?


Or their account is restricted/banned.


I think this is the case because the last user sent a file and when i opened it, its content was gibberish.


If they’re still on Fiverr, yes you would. (I think :slightly_smiling_face: - perhaps logout and see if they still exist?)


I used incognito and sent his profile link to a colleague who also is on fiverr. There was a redirection to fiverrs homepage. We couldnt see his profile


That means his profile doesn’t exist anymore so that pretty obvious that he was banned for that gibberish language.


so, fiverr scans word documents? He actually sent a link and asked me to download the requirements.ban

How was fiverr able to detect this?

or did he send to someone else and they reported?


Could be everything, maybe the link was a scam too, since he insist to go through the download link before proceeding ?