What's to do with "competition"?


So…I have a infographic gig…which is doing quite well. Today I receive an order from someone who is also a infographic designer and in a minute cancels it “ordered by mistake”.

The system counts as a cancellation…so in time, if he or others do this regularly my cancellation rate will be…hmph.

So…how come a “level 1 seller”…orders by mistake? :slight_smile:

Any advices?


Usually other sellers here do it to rank you down. By increasing the cancellation ratio, your position goes down in algorithm. Many sellers who want to dominate do such shady stuff to put others down out in competition. I say, ignore it and do your best. When you do good, even bad stuff gets attracted to you. You just have to accept that. I have dealt with such orders for about 3-4 times last month and 4 times month before that. I was depressed. In very rare case these are by mistake.

To give benefit of doubt to other sellers,I can tell you that sometimes other sellers outsource too, and that way they save their time. It happens in the freelancing world,and so in fiverr too. Arbitrage or delegating is possible. However, here on fiverr, competition does that to get more traffic towards their profile. But trust me, if you overdeliver then no amount of algorithm edge can stop you from getting more customers. Just make your customers happy. That’s all I can say :slight_smile:


I’m not upset or something… In fact, I’m quite happy with my results. 49 orders in 20 days is something…and from what I have read on the forums it took others months to accomplish and to level up. (Off topic question. If I get to 50 orders before the 30 days i will get to level 2 directly or level 1 then have to wait another month?)

I was just curious if is there a way to “fight” this kind of shady stuff, but as you have said…the best weapon is great work and customer satisfaction :slight_smile:


No idea about quick level ups but you should open customer support ticket and ask them how that works. :slight_smile: