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What's type word I can use

Any one tell me,
What price?
What budget?

Now, What type word I can use here.
Please help me.

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What do you mean by type word?

What do you mean in general? I guess it’s a language barrier but you should try to express yourself more clear if you want to get help.

I’m sure google translate would’ve translate it better, so why we should invest our time to try to GUESS what help do you need when you didn’t even spent 5 min to create your questions properly and what help do you need?

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This is extremely general.

Everything you are asking for is entirely based on your market, your skills, etc. There’s no magic formula you should follow. The fact that you are seeking one indicates that you need to do a lot of research about sales and marketing. You clearly don’t know the basics and no one here can help you until you do.

You also need to improve your communication skills if you want to get work.

My buyer ask me what price?
Now What type work i can use here?
Do not fall in Fever’s term and condition.

I still don’t understand anything what you are saying…

Your buyer asking price for what? Don’t you already have a gig with a set price? What kind of services you are providing?

The rest 2 questions doesn’t even make sense at all, it’s just a bunch of words.

I think you first need to improve your English because no buyers will be able to work with you with this level of English.

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I think you mean your buyer asked what is the price of your service. If that is what you are asking, simply provide them the price or ask they check your gig description. Your prices are surely stated there.

You can say: “it cost you ex: 30$”

Do a search here in Fiverr. Find some gigs which do same work like you. Then go through them to find out about the pricing.

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