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What's up Fiverr Community!

My name is Canaan (pronounced k-nan Lol) I just wanted to introduce myself in the Fiverr Forum and wish everyone much success and good fortunes. Seems to be a lot cool people here. Feel free to introduce yourself. If you need Mixing/Mastering Service or Pennystock advice I’m good at both of them. Check out my GIGS!

Hi Canaan!

I’m Becky, I’m new here too… there does seem to be some cool people, but also some crazy peeps… hehe! I’ll have a look at your gigs, not sure I need such services just yet but I’ll keep you in mind if I do! And if you ever feel like the need to become a faery or get a toadstool painting just drop on by and check out mine :wink:

All the best!

Lol. That’s awesome that’s what’s up! If i feel the need to become faery or toadstool painting I swear you will be the first to know and you will definitely get my cash! Haha Might just do it to see what my wife thinks of me as faery . Best of luck to you Becky!

Thanks mystic_insight! Right back at ya girl. I’m extremely envious of yours! Paranormal researcher that’s the jam! Keep up the good work.