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What's up with people asking you to work but not doing orders

I am a new seller and my first days of experience have been horrible. All I get is messages from people wanting me to do a gig for them, they give me explanations and everything on what they want me to do… but when I ask them to place an order they bounce. It’s so disgusting expecting people to work for free. Like I don’t pay my rent by doing my work for free. I have an education in my field, shouldn’t that be worth something? Since these type of people is all I’ve encountered so far on Fiverr, I just feel like it’s not worth having an account here. I will hear your opinions. I have not recived a genuine order yet, and I wonder, how often do you get orders? Or are 90 % of the people here choosing beggars?`

Eventually you may actually get an order. I don’t understand why people do that either. Lately there are lots of time wasters messaging me too. No idea why.
It’s worth staying on fiverr and putting up with that though.


A lot of new sellers seem to encounter similar problems. Thankfully, when I joined ion 2014, it wasn’t this bad.

You get these messages because a lot of people try and farm work out for free to freelancers. It’s not just here on Fiverr, it’s everywhere. All you can do is ignore these messages. Send a polite reply to inquiries advising what the cost of a service will be. If you don’t get a reply or get someone expecting a freebie just move on.

I’d also recommend a minimum starting price of $15 on all your gigs. The years of the fastest race to the bottom when it comes to pricing are over. Lower prices attract (for the most part) people who will just give you a hard time.


do not work without a proper negotiation and order been placed.
that’s it.