What's up with the cow?


Sorry but I couldn’t help but notice the little green cow, or sheep, or whatever the hell that thing is next to the avatars. And I must know… why…

Oh well almost a level 1 seller so I’ll be losing the cow soon! Good riddance… XD Still though it makes me curious.

P.S. I /think/ this is the right forum… it’s a rant… about Fiverr… and this is the Fiverr ranting forum… however they didn’t make clear what they classified as a rant.


The “Sheep” was part of the original Fiverr Branding way back when, call it a nostalgic look back into Fiverr’s past. Don’t worry as soon as you have leveled up you get a shiny new badge to show off


I see… thanks!


Without a Level, you are just part of the flock.


With a level you’re still just part of the flock, but you have a badge to look at. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: LOL :slight_smile:


You are a “sheeple”.



Still i have the sheep, trying to posh :wink: