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What's up with the formatting on this site

I just posted a gig request. You can’t have spaces in your description???

My post is barely readable after I added … as a workaround.

Why not just have a character limit, if you’re worried about spam :S


You can have spaces between words - just look at other buyers’ requests, everyone is using spaces :slight_smile:

Why do you say you can’t use spaces in your description? Does it give you a particular error?

Also, have you tried using a different browser? :wink:


Tried on both Firefox and IE. Not a browser issue.

I’m talking about the return/enter key. No error message. Just removes all the return spaces, so my post looks like one line. How do I even link my request to show you?

How do I see other buy requests? I can’t find a button/link. I’m not a seller.

In that case, the only thing you can do is contact Customer Support - they’re the only ones who can assist you with this glitch / technical issue :wink:

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Do you mean that you can’t separate out your request into paragraphs? If that’s what you mean, then you’re correct, you can’t do that.

The buyer request section is for sellers to find a job that they are capable of doing. You don’t need to provide every small detail in the actual request. If you need a proofreader just put in the request: “I need someone to proofread [number] words.” The seller will have to contact you anyway to tell you if they can do it. Once the seller has contacted you, you are then able to fill them in on all of the specific details.

To see other buyer requests, go to the “Selling” tab in the navigation bar of the site. Then click on “Buyer requests”. This way you’ll get to see a list of all the other buyer requests.

Here’s a link in case you can’t find it (click here).