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What's up with these rude buyers all of a sudden?

I swear I’ve had like 5 rude buyers in the past 2 days - giving me attitude and expecting me to do a reading for them still :slight_smile: Lol nope, bye. Cancelled their orders and told them to find someone else. Then they beg and whine and still continue to be rude it’s really funny.

Usually when I notice a pattern happening there is probably some outside forum talking smack about me which is hilarious.

Sorry for the rant - usually I don’t get rude buyers. The last thing you would want to be rude to is a spiritual advisor that’s an all time low. We are literally the nicest people.


I know the type all too well.

They are super confused when they see the refund request. :slight_smile:

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“Whyyy would you caancel?! What does this mean?! When will my reading be delivered?”


And let’s not forget:

“Don’t you want to make monies??? You are being unprofessional!!!”


“Fine, I will take my $5 for 50 Psychic questions somewhere else!!! So unprofessional!!!”

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Send them this @psychicbunny


I’ve had a pretty average week and I haven’t (thank God) experienced too many bad buyers, and the ones that were :rolling_eyes: were smart enough to go away and leave me alone without a review ( = optimal result).

I am guessing that Fiverr’s new marketing drive is attracting new buyers, which is good, but given the segment, they may be being “doers”–that’s a codeword for a very bad word–and of course, Fiverr can be a bit confusing if you’ve never used it before.

One buyer let rip at me last year for using the word “easy”, as in “this product makes doing xyz easy, saving you time and money” kind of blurb. He said that was not a professional word to use and that he was very disappointed. I refunded him, as his $5 bullshit was just too much no for me at the time.

That was when he suddenly realized I was a consummate professional. I didn’t bother to point out what a dribbling idiot he sounded like.


I want to smart mouth some of these rude buyers but I don’t want to get in trouble lol. I just say blessings and stop talking to them. I am mature.

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Yeah, I always have a smart comment to make (another bad buyer and I had a verbal slap up and both enjoyed it very much and I got a 5-star review, as even though the work was “crap” he enjoyed himself and the petty insult sling off. So… IDK, life is strange!), but it’s a risky strategy!

Generally, I turn into a TOS robot, which can be dreadfully infuriating for them. So much the better, as if they start swearing and/or threatening me (oh noes) I’ve pretty much got a free pass on getting the review deleted.

I am not very mature. I mean, I can be if I have to, but being immature is more fun!


Amen to that :upside_down:


I got one yesterday who decided to take out his frustrations of other sellers letting him down on me, ranting we were just greedy Andy lazy. This after I was trying to help him but first wanted clarity that the work he wanted me to do was in fact his and not copywrited material!

Yeah happened with everybody. How about this situation. A buyer happy from his first order, placed second even after refusal ( because of his impatient behavior) for a second video. It was a $400 order. 3 days delivery time and He agreed on that. After 10 minutes of his order, he started asking about video like a small 3 year old kid ( is it done, is it done, can i see it, how much left blah blah blah). and after a record breaking delivery ( within 2 hours almost impossible), he simply went for cancellation because he didnt liked the voice over (same person’s voice which was used in his first order).

Yeah that actually happened and guess what, I cancelled it.

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Honestly, that’s one of the reasons why I prefer buyers contacting me before placing an order.

I can immediately tell what kind of experience I would have. Even if most of my orders are $5 orders, sometimes they expect the work of a $100 order, and even when you provide it, they are still unsatisfied.

It’s so hard to deal with them. But I think that as long as you keep your calm and just offer them an overall positive experience, even in cases of negative reviews, Fiverr’s CS can help remove them.

Providing an excellent customer support can help you get out of any situation.

In your case, better cancel than getting a bad review, right? :blush:


Yeah but a $5 order cancellation is much more easy to cancel then your $400 order when you are earning for a purpose ( semester fee) but its Fiverr. Every body face these types of buyers.

I have said it many times, even in the recent thread created by someone that there should be at least one barrier to accept or reject the order. I have write in bold in my gig description to contact me before order placement but only of they bother to read.


I agree, although I read the arguments against it.

I hate cancelling orders because it really affects my sales negatively. However, there are times when I am obliged to do so. For example: I have a gig dedicated to helping new sellers optimize their gigs. I received more than 15 orders from buyers who want me to either optimize their website, their social media accounts, help them promote, etc. Which is completely absurd, as my gig description clearly mentions what my gig is for. :disappointed_relieved:

There should be something preventing that kind of situations. :grin:

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Exactly, like I said there needs to be a barrier.


Is it an improvement over those asking for pictures of your feet?

Don’t fret cancelling orders that aren’t within your gig offering. It doesn’t affect your rating one bit. As long as it’s a mutual cancellation you’re fine. However, if one party refuses, that’s when things so south.

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Hi Psychicbunny,
Here is a thought. On your $5 gig change the word “any” to “ONE”. “Any” means 50 to some people. I know, I know “any” means one to you. Now that sounded rude, sorry.
I just had a seller list a price for drawing one cartoon character with a full background for $25.
So I sent her the picture I wanted drawn, very basic children’s character. I said, do it is any cartoon style she wanted. Whatever is easiest for her. And to make it really easy on her, I said NO Background.
OK easy enough. The gig price she submitted? $70.
When I was rude, for the first time ever on Fiverr (I have had many, all GREAT experiences), she said sorry she made a mistake it should be $35. So I am calling her bluff. I will submit a job as is clearly defined on her $5 gig to see if she is playing games. I will submit something altar simple and she can do whatever she wants. Let’s see if she will do it.I have seen a lot of bait and switch lately. I have to go through 5 sellers to get to one who bids what they post.

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