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What's up with those "teams"

Why most of sellers are presenting themselves as a team? When you work for very cheap prices and have only few orders in month then I don’t really believe you are working in a team… It’s just trying to look legit or something?


I hate sellers who say this. Another huge turnoff for me when looking at gigs and seller profiles, is sellers who start of describing their service in the first person (i.e. I will deliver), before finishing in the third person (i.e Our team is the best on Fiverr for.)


The main issue for me is that many competitors present themselves as a single writer, when they are actually a large team and as @cyaxrex said, they finish their introduction in third person. But that’s the way things are, they are sticking to the rules. Whether it’s morally correct or not… that’s another thing.


Absolutely. I totally agree.

While it’s possible that everyone in a team has a similar skillset and can therefore deliver a broadly consistent result time after time, I do have a moral issue with sellers who claim to be an individual but who are in fact of team of two more people.

If you’re a team, then say you’re a team.


And if you are freelancer, say you are freelancer

There is also the good ol’ copy-paste a description from some random website. No wonder they start with I and finish with “our team”

I think more just mix “I” and “we” (not meaning the seller and the buyer) into the same description, without saying it’s a team.

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I get quite a few potential buyers who assume I’m a team. I don’t use “we” in my descriptions. I think some people might do this to appear more legitimate. One person is just someone on their couch. A team must work in an office, etc. Perhaps that’s the impression they’re trying to make. Doubt it helps especially when it’s a lie.