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What's with buyers who receive their delivery then disappear?

I’m sure you’ve probably had them before… they’re super eager, submit their requirement details, and away you go to give them the best possible product that their money can buy.

The work is completed and you’re super chuffed, knowing that you’ve overdelivered again to satisfy another happy customer. You hit the deliver button and eagerly await their feedback…

A day passes, no feedback, or comments. Two days, the same… Three days - order automatically marked as complete.

The rest is history and you’re left wondering, is this person still alive?

Anyway, I’ve had a few of these orders lately… such mysterious customers with mysterious ways. What’s with that???

I have always had it. It is dreadfully annoying. People say “fantastic content” on the order page (after delivery), I ask them to leave feedback, but they never get back to me.

However, there is a good chance that some of the people who do not leave feedback (or order again) actually didn’t like what you delivered. They just don’t want to leave feedback and ruin your business.

I have the opposite problem–they never go away. I get messages for months and months sometimes from them on a daily basis.

What about the buyers who are singing you high praises in the order then review you.

“outstanding experience”

I mean, I’m happy that you’re happy, but can’t you put your glowing praise where it’ll do some work for me?

Yeah I really hate such situations when the buyers don’t review my order :frowning:

My experience is that about [Edited]30%[/Edited] of my Buyers do not leave feedback. And I expect that, just as I do not not always leave feedback when contacting general support desks. I am referring to outfits like cable companies, computer companies, on-line merchants and so forth. (Fiverr excepted :slight_smile: )
Who else here does not always leave feedback 100% of the time?


That is quite high! I’m quite new here, only about 2-3 months, 80 orders, 11 not rated… so I guess about 13% or so. still grinds my gears though! :smiley:

hahaha @emmaki, I’ve never heard these two words used in conjunction so much in my life before joining Fiverr…!

I’ve had a few, even after I remind them to leave a review and rating so I can do the same for them. I think some ppl can’t be bothered, forget or are too busy to do it or some other form of time constraint, it’s annoying but what can you do but take it as is? I mean at least they bought the gig from you, so that’s a plus! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! They message me on the order form “It worked! How did you do that? I’m so excited! He came back in love more than ever with me after he broke up with me! Oh thank you miss crystal!” Then the feedback says “outstanding experience”.

What makes it even more hilarious for me is that from 3 1/2 stars to 4/5 stars it’s “good experience”. I mean, there’s a huge difference in experiences in those stars so… guh I hate the star system. Bring back thumbs up!

Pining for the days of the Gladiators, are we?

Not quite–Fiverr used to have a simpler rating system where work could be rated “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” or not at all. It was a happier time…

Yeah I haven’t bothered chasing them up to be honest. I guess I could, but meh - it’s not really a big complaint for me by any means, just something I’ve noticed during my time here :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a lot of buyers that outsource, with that being said I believe it’s a case of they get the order from you, re-sell it somewhere else for a profit and as long as their client is happy they generally don’t come back to leave any sort of review. If the client is really really happy, they come back on and leave you an excellent review and order more from you.

Other people I believe it’s just laziness or don’t really care one way or another as they got what they ordered and then potentially left Fiverr after that. Those are the ones that worry me most as sometimes they end up simply refunding their order even if they were super happy with it as they didn’t have any intent to use Fiverr after the order.

More than half the orders that were made through my gig didn’t leave feedback. No real explanation as to why other than what I believe to be the case.

If they’re stupid enough to mention the word “client” to me or I believe they’re outsourcing my work, I charge them at least double, I even try and get their clients details from them and if they’re even more stupid to give me those details I contact the client and explain to them what they’re doing, 9/10 they ditch them and take me on instead, that’s called karma! :slight_smile:

Tell me more, baby, I’m all ears!

You just have to phish for info, string them along like they do their client and with you, ask questions that might reveal who they’re “working” for, so you might ask questions like are your clients based on Fiverr, or another free lance site like Elance or Odesk, or are they independent or with a company? Things along those lines, maybe not as forward as that but you sort of worm your way into it, or you ask them who they are and then say if they’re willing to divulge the info that you could strike up a deal with them, give them a discount for multiple purchases or whatever but then once they do, screw them over and steal their client for yourself, hey all gloves are off when it comes to screwing over the people that initially do the screw jobs in the first place, it’s a cut throat industry, get them before they get you!

Lmao 0desk is considered a swear word?