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Whats with Sellers posting buyer requests?

Hey guys how are you :smiley:

I Just been noticing it for sometime now and i thought to bring this out

whats with sellers placing buyer requests and describing there service?

dont they know that this section is seen by buyers only?

are they trying to promote themselves to sellers?

or what?

do leave your thoughts on this matter below :smiley:


It’s just a desperate act of trying to get more sales. They don’t realise that only sellers see the Buyers Request section, so… yeah. I usually hit “remove request” and bam! It’s gone.

yeah but still its all pretty clear that only us sellers can see this

i wonder what is going through their minds when they do this and most importantly whats up with sellers placing requests to them??

weird i thought maybe there is something we are missing here… anyways i shall do the same as you from now on :slight_smile:

but then interesting that how such weird requests gets past fiverr moderators which now i am sure are no more than bots :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes no sense. Either they are ignorant, or they assume other sellers might want their service too.

Just the fact they posted there guarantees I will never purchase from them.

Maybe they see someone else doing it, and think it will help them.

I don’t think the mods spend much time there. I’ve seen some interesting requests over time.

yeah like there was this request once: i can do what you want on cam but i need alot of money…

i mean seriously ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately there are a shedload of ‘black hat’ advice guides on the net relating to improving sales on Fiverr. They are very misinformed and provide suggestions such as pretending to be a woman, spamming user inboxes and posting your services in the buyer request screen to appeal to a larger audience.

There are tools in place on that screen which allow you to report/flag an inappropriate request. Doing so will help highlight the issue and potentially lead to repercussions for the seller - hopefully reducing this practice.

acknowledged… will follow this advice :smiley:

No more such problems now its been years and I havent seen any such misuse. Thanks fiverr Support love you the most :blush: