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What's with the fee and hold time?


Let me start by saying that I joined Fiverr back in 2011 for kicks. I don’t know when I first posted my first three gigs, but I did so again, for kicks.

Years went by and then it happened… Someone bought.

Even though its FAR less than I charge in my business, I honored the gig, completed it, and got paid. I was then shocked by the amount Fiverr took from my earnings. The next BIG shock is that for the little I made, I had to wait weeks for the money.

Why so long?

I’ve already removed my other two gigs and may remove my third. I’ve already raised the price.

I dislike putting 100% effort for 20% of what I regularly charge and then have to wait so long for the little bits.

My 2¢


Everything you need to know about selling on Fiverr can be found here - good luck! :sunny:


I understand it’s the policy, but why?

It’s not very seller friendly in my opinion.


The 20% fee is how Fiverr makes its income as a business.

The clearing period - fraud prevention?


20% is steep in my opinion, especially given the amount of traffic they have. And the two week clearing period I’m sure does nothing but bring them extra revenue from interest earnings.


But it’s all clearly stated in their Terms of Service, and you have agreed to the ToS when you signed up.


You may wish to get some facts on your side. According to Alexa, fiverr is a huge traffic website:


So you are telling me that for that dollar on a $5 order you can build a website, promote it to top 400 in the US? Hire support staff, and have in place agreements to accept every credit card in the world?


If you type “fiverrs commission” in the search bar above you will find many posts on the subject which may be of help to you.


I’m just saying that one or the other would be completely fine with me, but both together make me question whether to do business on this platform.


How much did you spend on advertising the gigs you created?


Not this again :disappointed:
Haven’t we discussed the 20% commision enough? Some are OK with it, some aren’t.
There are literally over 50 threads about this with hundreds of responses.