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What's wrong in the Buyer Requests section?

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I was unwell for the last several days and so I did not go to the Buyer Requests section. Today when I went to that section I was surprised to find that I can no longer see when a request was posted and can no longer click on a buyer name to check his/her profile. This is very inconvenient for sellers.

Is this change temporary or permanent?

It appears to be an intended change by Fiverr. My guess is that they are protecting the integrity of buyers, and encouraging sellers to focus on the contents of the buyer request, instead of being picky with the identity of the buyer.

Does this include the ratings of Buyer?

Fiverr doesn’t list buyer account ratings for others to see. The only buyer-related “ratings” are the reviews that they leave on seller gig pages.

I just noticed the change also. I’m not a fan. I wish there was a poll before such drastic changes are made. Suppose a seller prefers not to work with a certain buyer because of negative past experience?

I just don’t see the value in protecting buyers’ profiles from being viewed. I think it will lead to more fraudulent requests but I guess we shall see.

there are no buyer request there most of them sellers.

I’m genuinely surprised this change wasn’t implemented earlier than it has been.

I frequent other places on the web, and it’s common to see bids and such hidden from each seller. It can be both good and bad, depending on the project.

I have noticed many sellers posting their services there now. A good solid chunk of the “requests” are just spam.

Darcy Cardinal



Hi fellow sellers,

Recently I have noticed that the buyer requests sections has some new improvements.
One of them is that ow the buyer’s name is hidden.

The problem I have now is the fallowing: I send out an offer to a request with a message. Two days later that buyer replies to my message but I have no idea who he/she is, what I told him, what offer (value) I’ve sent him and so on.

Before I used to just search trough the “offers send” section and see all the details.

Can you bring back this feature of as hiding the user’s name does not bring any privacy to the buyer as us sellers.

** As an example today I got a message from a user I never had conversed with before who is asking me to develop on the idea I presented to him. As he could be anyone of the 604 custom offers I’ve sent there is no way of knowing. This makes me look 100% unprofessional now that I seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about. **

**Another example is that recently I had a customer accept a custom offer that was 1 month old. When accepting these offers, buyers do not need to go trough the gig questions I have set up and they assume I know all the details from the requests. The problem is that I don’t know which request the order is in reference to. **

What do you guys think?

I already and encourage you guys to do the same in the hopes that we might get this feature back!

Thank you,

Although you can’t see the DATE but you can know about the buyer id by click on ‘SEND OFFER’… Then you would see that BUYER NAME would be showing.

Yes I also confused and can’t understand the reason of these change? Its advantage or disadvantage for a seller.
Waiting for your opinions.

Well said. I had this exact problem today. Its very annoying.

i want back before system .who will want this