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Whats wrong in this ? Fiverr injustice

Hey, tell me what I did wrong why I receive a warning for review manipulation. AS Fiverr sent me a notification that He’s new on Fiverr reach out to make his experience better. That’s Why I asked him and tell me the way because His review was this “he was very easy to communicate with and he really brought my idea to life! I was very impressed and I think you are too!” and I replied to him in a second every time he texted me. Which suspects me that’s maybe he mistakenly left this feedback. And I was correct as you can see from the chats. I just guided him and Fiverr sent me a warning tell me. After applying to customer support I didn’t get a reply till now but I received a warning. Customer also applied to customer support and they said they can’t change the review


Here the chat screen shot

I didn’t insisted him to change first he told me that he didn’t mean to give this ratting that’s why I insisted him to go to customer support

You can’t do that its against fiver policy. I bet i have read similar posts regarding this issue before where experience sellers told to avoid this Its all up to buyer either he/she leave a 1* or 5*, you can reply to their review to clarify yourself


Reviews are up to the buyer, and honestly, even if it was an accident, it feels like you’re harassing the buyer.


Hi, You can’t ask your buyer anything about review if you did you will get the warning . Its against TOS


That’s buyer manipulation right there.

Fiverr’s warning is completely called for in this case.


If I had been the buyer, I’d even have reported you. You were really annoying…

By the way, 4.3 is a good rating in my book whether it’s intentional or not.


You are sharing images that shows what exactly wrong is , and you are asking whats wrong in this ?

So Buyer gave 4.3 reviews as she thought fits and you asked why she gave 4.3 ? so are you expecting explanation from her about her decision ?

Why do you think that she did it mistakenly ?
You clearly broke the rule…


You totally deserved the warning for even bringing up the rating and pointing out what it was exactly. Then you continued to send them messages asking if they were there.

The warning is 100% valid. You were hired to complete a task, they accepted the delivery, left you a review, THE END! (No further communication needed).


Because he wrote a best review and Also he gave me 4 stars in comunication.And i was so responsive that I replied him in the next second he texted me .And most important cause .Fiverr sent me the notification thats hes new on the fiverr thats why I asked him

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I’m a new seller here and even I know better than to do this. This is totally wrong. You really should read Fiverr TOS carefully.


It doesn’t mean to ask for reviews!
It means that create outstanding work and make his experience better on fiverr !

Communications doesn’t measured on prompt reply only…may be she gave any of the 4 star for your prompt reply ?
Some buyer always gives 4 stars thinking no one is 100% perfect so better to accept that attitude and move one !

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well that’s what you did as far as I can see from what you attached … ‘’ aren’t you happy with the work ‘’ , you gave me 4.3 rating as I was responsive… ‘’

if a buyer gives you 5 or 1 stars it’s not really professional to harass him after that asking about his reasons why he gave you a specific review


@shmaelgraphics Honestly, you’ve been unbelievably lucky.

You were lucky to get 4 stars for communication. Writing things like “Are you there? Mam!” and “You did it wrongly” and “I will be waiting for your response now”, I would have given you a 1 for communication. You come across as rude, entitled and aggressive.

And you were lucky Customer Support only gave you a warning, and not something worse.


Absolutely! I was also thinking the same.


OP wrote that after getting the review.

You’re not even allowed to mention a review, let alone discuss it with the buyer, or, much worse, complain about the review you got. You’re not allowed to make the buyer feel bad about the review they gave you.

And to complain about a 4.3 review doesn’t even make sense.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

There been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Always best to leave your buyer alone and move on.


Except that the evaluation system is based on having >=4.7 stars average (unless you have enough orders to offset that, especially if the buyer keeps giving 4.3 stars, you could be demoted) and you can’t send offers to buyer requests if you have an average of < 4.5 stars I think.

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