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What's wrong is that my GIG is pending?

I opened this service Notification came but I didn’t find it in the search list so I deleted this service but today I opened the same service again. Why is it pending? I don’t understand what is wrong with me.

here is my service:


Wait 2-3 days. it should be ok then… it takes some time to be published…

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I clicked on the link above and your gig is active and can be purchased.


Its active, but I’m just curious, on your gig it says " I usually work in your time zone." What does that mean?

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Thank you for this valuable information

@margaret_finney It has been pending for the last two months.

@wordpressn It has been pending for the last two months

@margaret_finney @wordpressn @lloydsolutions

Now I want to tell you that since this has been pending for two months, should I delete this GIG ? Please tell, your opinion

This gig which was active is now no longer showing as available.

Suggest you forget about this gig as there is a problem somewhere and concentrate on your 5 active gigs.

Also, you need to remove the instructions from your profile description as to how you can be found off Fiverr.

Sharing such information is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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