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Whats wrong no order yet after reaching level 1


Whats wrong no order yet after reaching level 1…solve my problems and also my stats getting low day by day



Fiverr doesn’t really guarantee its sellers more sales/exposure on being promoted to a higher level.

If you sales have dried up, it means that you have to step up your marketing/advertising. You have to connect with your prospective buyers and convince them to buy your gigs. You could also try applying to a few BRs. :slight_smile:


What is BRs? How can I connect buyers?? My GIG never shows up in the search results…


I also got level 1 and my GIGs stopped showing at ALL… ZERO impressions :rage:


Hi Olga,

BRs are nothing but Buyer Requests.

You could submit a ticket to Fiverr’s Customer Support (CS) and let them know that your gig is not showing up in the search results. They will help you out with that.