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What's wrong with buyers request section?

I just noticed that there is no request by any buyer instead it’s flooded with sellers promoting their gigs. Is this normal? or does this it mean admins ain’t doing their jobs anymore?

It appears to be somewhat cleaned up at the moment. I would love to see a “Report” feature added to this area. So many sellers posting in the Buyer Request Area.

Yes, it is becoming Seller Requests instead of Buyer Requests. There must be an action taken against this. Because Fiverr is getting too populated with the sellers, and not everybody is getting orders. So they think they can get more orders but putting their promotion in Buyer Requests areas.

Fiverr needs to put some check-and-balance policies for the buyer request section. I think there should be moderators who would allow the only valid request in the section.

They already changed the section in a way that the poster cannot be contacted directly. The only way to contact the poster is by sending them an offer. This makes it hilarious, as the moronic sellers who are misusing this section only can receive offers from other sellers.

However, this section has become quite useless, thanks to this ‘sellers’.

I would often laugh while reading the stuffs posted by sellers in Buyers Request. They don’t even use correct spellings and grammer. I would say that Graphics and Design category is the most affected one.

I get zero request by any buyer request section right now, that’s mean I can’t do offer My Gigs, I could not eat today :frowning:

Funny enough, about 5 mins ago, I sent the very same complaint to customer support before reading this post. Hopefully they will address the issue soon if enough people bring it to their attention.

Irritating… Sellers should understand this section is for only Buyers. They need to post a request and we sellers, only have to respond according to them. Some strict actions need to taken…

I’ve only seen sellers posting their gigs in my category. I did see one request from some guy who didn’t want to pay for the articles he wanted written, but he would share the adsense revenue from his website.

This gets discussed so often that it needs to be always placed in the Suggestion Box forum in case Fiverr sees it there. All posts the moderators see on this topic will be moved to the Suggestion Box or deleted if it’s the second one in the same day.

I do agree the BR needs work, but in my categories there are buyers there. I go through and click remove all the sellers first and then I bid on what I have left.

Buyer requests are people that are looking for specific work to be done that they could not find otherwise. Not sellers requesting buyers as it seems many people are attempting. We all want buyers. But we can’t use that feature to achieve that.