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What's wrong with Buyers these days?

My packages are clearly marked to what they offer, my description is explaining everything about the gig and how to order, I also have a FAQ section where the clients can get more information than they actually need, yet 60-70% of the orders in last few weeks are wrong. Either they completely missed what I actually do, or more common, their order doesn’t cover what they ask. What happened? Did Fiverr change the gigs layout to be more confusing? Because I don’t personally see any significant changes. Do people order from their phones and don’t bother reading anything?

Why am I being punished for this? Forced to cancel orders because others peoples negligence, statistics dropping, badges demoting… At least give us the option to cancel the gig without penalty, that’s all I ask.


Totally agreed with you

You can try to leave the dreadful $5 price tier… that works magic to discourage the people who actually dont read.


I agree with @juanwriter.
If you see that most problematic are $5 orders then it’s time to up your prices. Statistically speaking, the higher your price range the more time buyers spend on reading the gig descriptions.

If your regulars stop ordering from you then add more value to your gigs.


Facebook Ads has created a mass number of amateur marketers that have swarmed Fiverr looking for free content that they’ll offer as options to their clients. They’ll ask for revision after revision which allows time for their client to decide, then you’ll cancel rather than work “underwater”. Voila! They’ve stolen your creative work.

Most business owners who are their client, have no idea their marketer in charge is ripping people off and will gladly make things right rather than risk complications. Send them an invoice through AndCo with a polite request for compensation and describe the work you performed.

Or you can continue to do nothing and cry.